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Study in Malaysia

Australia offers some of the highest ranked universities in the world with tons of courses and according to the QS World Ranking, areas such as engineering, accounting and health sciences have considerably low study cost than United States and United Kingdom. 485 Visa is the best opportunity for international students after graduating in which the students are allowed to stay in Australia for 18 months to gain work experience as long as they have completed at least two years of study in Australia. Australia is always open for international students that have earned a degree in Australia and have a special work visa category.

  1. Start an online student visa application.
  2. Complete all required tests (IELTS)
  3. Ensure your passport has 12 months validity.
  4. Health certificate.
  5. Pay processing fee (159MYR)
  6. Submit application and wait for the result/ call for interview.
How to get a Malaysia Student Visa?
  1. Getting accepted into a Malaysian educational institution.
  2. Applying for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL).
  3. Applying for a Malaysian entry visa (if you are a Malaysian visa-subject national).
  4. Appearing at the immigration checkpoint in Malaysia (after you travel).